S11 E33 ∙

The cooks travel to Hanging Rock, north of Melbourne, where they prepare a picnic for 100 hungry guests, serving everything in baskets which must each contain food for four people.

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S11 E1

A group of home cooks prepare their signature dishes in the first of two audition shows.

S11 E2

Gary Mehigan, George Calombaris and Matt Preston present the second audition show.

S11 E3

The contestants take on their first challenge, serving up their desert island dish.

S11 E4

Yesterday's winners battle it out for immunity, cooking alongside chef Curtis Stone.

S11 E5

The cooks face their first mystery box challenge.

S11 E6

Three cooks face a pressure test set by professional pastry chef Darren Purchese.

S11 E7

Four of the amateurs compete for immunity by preparing crispy and juicy fried chicken.

S11 E8

The cooks prepare a feast for the 150 volunteer truckers for the charity Lions for Need

S11 E9

The contestants who failed to impress in the last challenge face an elimination cook-off.

S11 E10

Nigella Lawson visits the kitchen for the start of a week-long visit.

S11 E11

Nigella Lawson challenges the cooks to serve up a perfect roast chicken.

S11 E12

Five contestants compete in a custard-based immunity challenge.

S11 E13

The contestants prepare a three-course meal for 80 teachers.

S11 E14

An elimination challenge based on condiments.

S11 E15

Rick Stein chooses the ingredients for the next mystery box challenge.

S11 E16

Clare Smyth challenges the cooks to re-create her pear and lemon verbena vacherin.

S11 E17

Four contestants compete in an immunity challenge.

S11 E18

The contestants take on a street food challenge.

S11 E19

An elimination task based on the cooks' knowledge of the deli counter.

S11 E20

The judges reveal the start of Secrets Week.

S11 E21

The cooks fight for the places by serving up a paella - without a recipe.

S11 E22

Four contestants compete in an immunity challenge.

S11 E23

The cooks are split into teams and challenged to serve up an Italian feast for 80 diners.

S11 E24

Eight contestants face a blindfold taste test, followed by an elimination cook.

S11 E25

The contest moves to Queensland and a mystery box challenge.

S11 E26

The contestants arrive at Montrachet, one of Brisbane's leading restaurants.

S11 E27

The contestants are excited about what lies in store.

S11 E28

The contestants arrive on the beautiful sunny shores of Noosa beach.

S11 E29

The losing team from yesterday's Team Challenge arrives in the Gold Coast.

S11 E30

The contestants arrive home after a spectacular week cooking across Queensland.

S11 E31

The contest reaches halfway and three hopefuls compete in an elimination challenge.

S11 E32

Four hopefuls compete in an immunity challenge.

S11 E33

The cooks prepare a picnic at Hanging Rock, north of Melbourne.

S11 E34

It's this morning after the Team Challenge at Hanging Rock.

S11 E35

The battle to reach the final 10 intensifies.

S11 E36

Three hopefuls compete in a two-day elimination challenge.

S11 E37

Four hopefuls make ice-cream cones in a bid to win immunity.

S11 E38

The cooks are challenged to serve identical plates of food in pairs.

S11 E39

The contestants serve a sweet dish that uses no sugar.

S11 E40

The judges introduce a new week celebrating the best of the best.

S11 E41

The hopefuls have 75 minutes to serve up a dish using indigenous ingredients.

S11 E42

The contestants serve up a caviar dish in an immunity challenge.

S11 E43

The cooks are split into two teams to prepare a four-course meal for 40 diners.

S11 E44

The contestants face an elimination cook aimed at minimising food waste.

S11 E45

The top nine are each given a mystery box they have faced before.

S11 E46

Three contestants serve an intricate apple pie - before one of them is eliminated.

S11 E47

Four contestants cook in different styles in a bid for immunity.

S11 E48

The contestants cook for train passengers.

S11 E49

Four hopefuls compete in an elimination challenge.

S11 E50

The top seven begin a week of challenges in Western Australia.

S11 E51

Five contestants take on a service challenge at a Perth restaurant.

S11 E52

Four contestants compete for a fast-track place to finals week.

S11 E53

The contestants prepare three-course meals for 50 diners, in two teams.

S11 E54

Three of the contestants face an elimination challenge.

S11 E55

The top six arrive for finals week, bringing them a step closer to the finale.

S11 E56

Three contestants produce a complex dish in a pressure test.

S11 E57

The remaining hopefuls serve up anything they like in 75 minutes.

S11 E58

The contestants serve up a five-course tasting menu at a Melbourne restaurant.

S11 E59

The contestants compete in a series of culinary duels.

S11 E60

The semi-finalists enter the kitchen, ready to compete.

S11 E61

After 12 weeks of competition, the finalists compete for the $250,000 prize.