S15 E43 ∙

Continuing their Victorian road trip, in Cactus Country the contestants must cook a dish that takes them to Mexico.

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S15 E1

As 17 new contestants arrive at the MasterChef kitchen, they spot a familiar face.

S15 E2

Jamie Oliver presents two challenges: a 15-minute meal and a mushroom and spinach rotolo.

S15 E3

It's a race for the last spot in the immunity cook.

S15 E4

Four cooks vie for the chance to sit out Sunday's elimination.

S15 E5

Contestants pick one of three ingredients that inspired the judges during their childhood.

S15 E6

Today's Mystery Box has been set by pastry queen and MasterChef legend Poh Ling Yeow.

S15 E7

Each contest must put their own spin on choux pastry - sweet or savoury.

S15 E8

The cooks are divided into green and blue teams for the first team service challenge.

S15 E9

Today's challenge sees the previous day's winning team battle it out for immunity.

S15 E10

Today's challenge is set by MasterChef legend Julie Goodwin.

S15 E11

The home cooks are presented with a shipping container-sized mystery box.

S15 E12

Celebrity chef Eddie Stewart sets the Pressure Test: to recreate his five-level high Tokyo Lamington Tower.

S15 E13

Today's service challenge is in Melbourne's Spotswood, a huge park filled with street food outlets.

S15 E14

Immunity is up for grabs, as well as a $10,000 prize!

S15 E15

Today's challenge is an overnight cook.

S15 E16

Contestants try to bowl the judges over by elevating humble breakfast cereals.

S15 E17

Contestants must replicate Guest chef Donato Toce's Viennetta ice cream cake.

S15 E18

Two teams work hard to create a sumptuous banquet at a suburban Chinese restaurant.

S15 E19

Who will face fab French foodie Gabriel Gate in a fierce fight to the finish?

S15 E20

It's a final trip down memory lane for a '70s-themed dinner party.

S15 E21

It's the first day of Home Cooks vs Pros Week.

S15 E22

Chefs from Nu Nu Restaurant are competing against three contestants.

S15 E23

The Stanley Restaurant team sprint to the kitchen for a blind relay against three contestants.

S15 E24

Three cooks face the chopping block against Serai's flock.

S15 E25

Seafood superstar Rick Stein brings his best squid game.

S15 E26

Australia's top chef Josh Niland sets a gnarly Mystery Box challenge.

S15 E27

The bottom three must replicate iconic chef Luke Nguyen's zesty pho without a recipe.

S15 E28

Curtis Stone motivates two teams facing off in a massive Service Challenge.

S15 E29

It's Curtis' Condiment Cook-off, and today's tastiest condiment wins its maker immunity.

S15 E30

Beloved Australian food icon Maggie Beer is in the Masterchef kitchen.

S15 E31

The cooks must create a dish with an unexpected element of surprise.

S15 E32

The contestants have to recreate a whimsical dish inspired by The Tales of Peter Rabbit.

S15 E33

The Final 8 are at the National Gallery for a team service challenge.

S15 E34

The winner of Round 1 goes up against chef Kay-Lene Tan for the chance to win immunity.

S15 E35

It's Elimination Day, and the two-round challenge includes a taste test.

S15 E36

The contestants receive the Everything Mystery Box.

S15 E37

Trailblazer chef Clare Smyth tests the contestants with a beef and oyster dish.

S15 E38

Today's service challenge is set on a stunning farm in Victoria.

S15 E39

The stakes are high as today's winner will be the first contestant through to the Top 5.

S15 E40

Pastry chef Kirsten Tibballs brings in a dessert pantry for today's challenge.

S15 E41

The Top 5 have 60 minutes to create a dish using Perino tomatoes.

S15 E42

The Top 5 hit the road for a three-day surprise adventure in regional Victoria.

S15 E43

The contestants must cook a dish that takes them to Mexico.

S15 E44

Today it's a 3-course service challenge, featuring grain from the Murtoa Stick Shed.

S15 E45

With one contestant safe, it's time for the others to fight for the final 3 spots.

S15 E46

The cooks have 75 minutes to recreate a dish chosen by their family.

S15 E47

The cooks watch Peter Gilmore create a dish and then recreate it from memory.

S15 E48

The contestants must keep up with chef Curtis Stone to win a 30-minute advantage in the semi-final.

S15 E49

All that stands between the semi-finalists and the finale is a three-course service challenge.

S15 E50

That gleaming gold trophy is finally within reach... the Grand Finale of MasterChef 2023 is here!