S3 E125 ∙ Gut Feeling ∙

A suspended Ben visits some of his elderly patients in their residential home, Helen knocks on Susan's door, and both stumble across something completely unexpected.

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S3 E1 · Face Value

A girl with Down's syndrome facing a family crisis causes problems at work for Mac.

S3 E2 · A Twist of Fate

The staff of Riverside surgery struggle to cope without help from Mac, and Kate's life is put in danger.

S3 E5 · Hard Stuff

The practice helps a family with alcohol problems, and Mac and Kate are given good news.

S3 E6 · Nothing to Fear

An elderly Polish lady with a painful hip gives Jude cause for concern, and Mac and Ben are in bad moods.

S3 E7 · The Blame Game

Mac struggles to communicate with Kate, and Ben makes a home visit which has a profound effect on a patient.

S3 E8 · Home

Faith tries to get close to Ben, and a chance remark by Katrina makes Jude worry about Helen betraying her.

S3 E9 · Rock-A-Bye Baby

Katrina discovers a suspect package at the surgery, and Helen resolves to speak to Mac about visiting Kate.

S3 E10 · Only Skin Deep

Ben tends to a model forced to re-examine her life when her career is threatened by a skin condition.

S3 E11 · All for One

Ben recovers from a brush with death as Katrina resolves to discover the identity of Jude's unwelcome visitor.

S3 E13 · Coming of Age

Helen's judgement is called into question by a social worker when she diagnoses a child with mild autism.

S3 E14 · A Dying Wish

Kate storms into the surgery to give Mac a piece of her mind, and Jude is confronted with a family dilemma.

S3 E15 · Older Man

Mac meets an old friend who has recently become a doting father but is actually hiding disturbing secrets.

S3 E17 · Telling Time

Family rifts cause a patient to hide a dangerous hereditary condition, and Ben tries to bond with his father.

S3 E20 · Neighbours

Mac is visited by a patient experiencing problems with impotence, and Faith worries about Katrina's future.

S3 E21 · Wars

Mac arrives drunk at the surgery, and Jude sees a boxer whose urine sample yields surprising results.

S3 E23 · A Place of Safety

Faith helps a heavily pregnant Yugoslavian refugee as prim and proper new receptionist Miss Ryder is shocked.

S3 E25 · Old Soldiers

An Army major who assisted the Medical Corps during the Kosovan conflict is referred to a psychiatrist.

S3 E26 · Wishful Thinking

Kate heads out on a shopping spree and leaves Mac to take care of the baby, and a new doctor causes a stir.

S3 E27 · Ancient History

Katrina and Faith make an effort to impress new medic Dr Marc Eliot, but he's too preoccupied with his past.

S3 E29 · Strange Brew

Marc proves an instant hit with Faith, and Jude fears that she is facing the end of her career at Riverside.

S3 E30 · Growing Pains

Marc's treatment of a patient leaves Faith bewildered, and a father brings his eight-year-old daughter in.

S3 E31 · Baby Bond

Jude fails to put in an appearance for morning surgery, and Ben tackles a mother whose child has leukaemia.

S3 E33 · Twenty Years On

Helen has difficulty with a diagnosis until Marc makes a surprise discovery about the patient's past.

S3 E34 · Caring for Mary

Jude finally has reason to be cheerful, and Kate pops into the surgery with news for Mac and the other medics.

S3 E36 · Mummy's Boy

Jude's suspicions are aroused by an adopted man who suddenly wants to contact his birth mother.

S3 E38 · A Second Chance

Mac worries about an old friend who appears to be well and truly in the clutches of a buxom gold-digger.

S3 E42 · Stand In

Mac's insurance medical proves to be popular, but is a patient all he seems?

S3 E45 · Rash Decision

A husband's illicit affair is brought to light by a touch of the measles, and Marc deals with sad news.

S3 E47 · Bad Blood

Marc turns to Helen for a shoulder to cry on, and Katrina puts on a brave face about Jimmy.

S3 E48 · Giving Up

Helen treats a patient apparently suffering from depression, and Mac continues his battle with the bottle.

S3 E49 · Fat of the Land

Helen becomes concerned for a girl targeted by bullies due to her eczema, and Beth makes a shocking discovery.

S3 E50 · Love All

Jude's concerns over a newspaper article cause her to miss work, and Marc treats a tennis player in jeopardy.

S3 E51 · Sense of Duty

A concerned Jude arrives at the surgery with a very unhealthy looking Mayor of Letherbridge in tow.

S3 E53 · Heavy Drugs

Ben is led to express concern about the drugs that an overweight teenage boy has been prescribed.

S3 E55 · Stan Loves Cara

A visitor leaves Marc in shock, and Helen gets emotionally involved with a patient in need of advice.

S3 E60 · Hearts and Minds

Ben enjoys a night at Faith's place, and new locum Kali decides that Viagra won't solve a rugby player's woes.

S3 E63 · Patches

Jude helps a patient give up smoking but finds herself under fire from the man's wife when he has an accident.

S3 E64 · Relations

Kali tries to make peace between two elderly brothers fighting over a woman that they met 50 years ago.

S3 E65 · Sleeping Beauty

Jude gets involved with the family of a disabled girl involved in a car crash, and Ben opens up to Faith.

S3 E67 · Coming Home

Mac and Kate return from their holiday to be confronted by complaints about Marc's regimental approach.

S3 E68 · Mother Knows Best

Faith gets in trouble by giving a baby routine injections without the mother's consent, and Mac plays Cupid.

S3 E69 · Tittle Tattle

Helen treats a man suspected of murdering his wife, but it's Ben who finds himself drawn into inquiries.

S3 E70 · Loss

Mac reunites a mother and daughter - but in tragic circumstances.

S3 E72 · Love Story

Kali is disturbed to find herself the target of an inquisitive patient's unhealthy interest.

S3 E74 · Thin Ice

Ben gets caught in the middle of a bitter feud between rival ice skaters, and Kate is worried about Ciaran.

S3 E76 · Ghosts

Mac meets a woman who discovers a shocking secret about her parents' past during attempts to help her father.

S3 E78 · Martial Arts

Kali treats an elderly martial arts instructor who seems to be keeping secrets from his partner.

S3 E80 · Bionic Man

Kali gets fed up with the attention Ben is paying Faith as she and Katrina prepare for their house-warming.

S3 E81 · Cats

Faith gets involved with a woman willing to go to great lengths to keep her pet cats.

S3 E82 · Him Indoors

Helen is unhappy with Marc's unconventional treatment of a patient with agoraphobia.

S3 E83 · Need to Know

Dr Marc Eliot is at a loss when asked for advice from an MS sufferer on adopting a baby.

S3 E84 · Sweet Sixteen

Helen treats a 16-year-old for severe cystitis, Faith forgives Katrina, and Sean continues to torment Beth.

S3 E85 · Bottled

Faith gets embroiled in a dangerous case of domestic violence, and trouble lies ahead for Jude and Beth.

S3 E88 · Rat Man

Jude assists a man coming to terms with the death of his wife and facing the repossession of his house.

S3 E89 · Stealing Booty

Faith returns to work but is still far from comfortable in Ben's presence, and Kali tries to help a woman.

S3 E92 · Borrowed Time

Mac tries to help a menopausal patient as Faith puts Ben in his place with a few choice words.

S3 E93 · Student Bodies

Jude treats a student who has contracted a sexually transmitted disease as Marc tries to make amends.

S3 E95 · Food for Thought

Katrina tries to find out the identity of Faith's mystery man as Ben investigates an elderly man's poisoning.

S3 E97 · The First Loser

Faith's relationship with Liam takes a traumatic turn as Mac offers advice to a father and his rower son.

S3 E104 · Golden Years

A woman suspects that her retired husband is impotent, and Marc helps Faith confront her problem.

S3 E108 · It Can Be You

Jude meets a patient whose husband won't pay for her plastic surgery as Ben tries to comfort Kali.

S3 E109 · Poison Climber

Mac calls on a patient whose condition is puzzling him, and Kate drops in on Helen at the end of her shift.

S3 E111 · I Spy

Kali begins to suspect that there's more to Ben's protectiveness than meets the eye.

S3 E112 · Keeping Mum

Liam's accident is the main topic of conversation at the surgery as he fights for his life in hospital.

S3 E114 · Two Wrongs

Marc breaks the news to a patient with HIV, and Ben tells Kali that he's going to confess to the police.

S3 E116 · Never Forget

The police drop into the surgery as Ben comes under suspicion, and Kali gets a shock during a home visit.

S3 E118 · Regrets

Helen receives a warm welcome on her return to the surgery as Jude attempts to help two brothers.

S3 E120 · Shelling Peas

Faith discovers that her rape ordeal has left her pregnant, and Mac has bad news for a surrogate mother.

S3 E121 · Bad Vibrations

Marc learns to keep an open mind after he treats a group of travellers, and Faith makes a big decision.

S3 E122 · Trapped

Liam struggles to decide about owning up to the rape as a car crash victim is accused of benefit fraud.

S3 E124 · Motherly Love

Helen and Jude decide to play detective on their day off by following the mystery woman from Phil's funeral.

S3 E125 · Gut Feeling

Ben and Helen both stumble across something completely unexpected when making two separate visits.

S3 E126 · Stand Up

Katrina persuades her mentor to call into the surgery, and Helen finds a sympathetic ear in Jude.

S3 E129 · No Guarantee

Mac reveals surprising news to the Riverside staff as Helen gives moral support to a celebrity couple.