S9 E24 ∙

One last trip Down Under for the Southern Hemisphere take on the hit show. The final four arrive for their last immunity challenge and receive phone calls from their loved ones.

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S9 E1

12 pairs of loved ones take on the challenge of the Aussie format of the hit format in the Queensland wilds.

S9 E2

More action from the Down Under take on Survivor. Shay leads the Water group on a relaxing yoga session.

S9 E3

The Aussie version of the hit game show continues. Khanh solidifies an alliance with Mark in the Water tribe.

S9 E4

More action from Down Under. Sandra is astounded by how much David messed up his game at Tribal.

S9 E5

The devilish doings Down Under continue with Sophie feeling betrayed and Sandra feeling proud.

S9 E6

Further action from Down Under. Sophie knows that she has a target on her back and needs to shift it off her.

S9 E7

Another slice of Aussie action from the Outback. Nina reflects on her strong position within the Water tribe.

S9 E8

More backstabbing and betrayal from the Southern Hemisphere. Nina reflects on her move to vote out Sandra.

S9 E9

Aussie antics abound in this version of the hit show! KJ reflects on her decision to vote out her sister.

S9 E10

More scheming and ruthless gameplay from Down Under. Nina feels comfortable in her majority alliance.

S9 E11

Shay is worried that she may be facing elimination from the Blood tribe, and Chrissy is frustrated.

S9 E12

The Southern Hemisphere take on the compelling format. Ben and Mark feel confident about their new positions.

S9 E13

More action from the ruthless Down Under version of the hit show. There's a surprise in store for the tribes.

S9 E14

The Antipodean acrimony continues. Mark and Sam apologise to one another, but they both remain frustrated.

S9 E15

Addictively fun machinations from the land Down Under. Michelle is disappointed that her sister was voted out.

S9 E16

The rippers keep on coming as Sam proposes a deal with Jordie to keep him safe from future votes.

S9 E17

Cork hats at the ready! Shay arrives at Purgatory as Sam confronts Jordie about his actions at Tribal.

S9 E18

Say g'day once more to the Antipodean version of the hit format. Michelle remarks on Shay's absence at Tribal.

S9 E19

Who's your favourite tribe member at this point? Sam and Chrissy lament all the hard work they've wasted.

S9 E20

The Southern Hemisphere version of the hit show. Josh is furious to learn that Jordan went home.

S9 E21

Another return to Down Under's take on the hit format. Mark is devastated about Sam's departure.

S9 E22

Life's a beach in the Aussie take on the hit format! Jordie confronts KJ about her vote at the Tribal Council.

S9 E23

The end is in sight as Chrissy celebrates her Top 5 finish and believes that she could possibly win.

S9 E24

One last trip Down Under as the final four arrive for their last immunity challenge and receive phone calls.