Survivor South Africa

An international version of the hit format. Tribes of ordinary South Africans from all walks of life battle it out to outwit, outplay and outlast each other in the ultimate test of survival skills.

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All episodes for series 6 of Survivor South Africa

S6 E1

18 castaways are marooned in the Philippines and placed into tribes, and the first reward challenge occurs.

S6 E2

Tom seeks to solidify his position with the voting block after a near-elimination at the Tribal Council.

S6 E3

Tom makes his ambitions clear and reveals his desire to get rid of Ace for turning on the Big 5 alliance.

S6 E4

As morning dawns on the ninth day, the tribes are redistributed from two to three as a new tribe is started.

S6 E5

In the wake of the latest Tribal Council, Josie continues to search for the idol on the new Luzon beach.

S6 E6

Chane decides that she needs to put some distance between herself and Tom after he used their idol selfishly.

S6 E7

Tevie feels that Josie may prove to be a distraction for him and that he needs to take action fairly soon.

S6 E8

The Visayas tribe face trouble when they realise that they have depleted their food supply and need a reward.

S6 E9

The original Mindanao women and Werner have their sights set on Vusi after his recent challenge performances.

S6 E10

Katinka gets her hands on immunity, and Werner makes the decision to start voicing his opinions in his tribe.

S6 E11

The women begin to put some distance between themselves and Toni as her emotional backlash gets to Katinka.

S6 E12

Annalize feels threatened by Jeanne's performances in the Tribal Council, and the alliance has plans.

S6 E13

PK is offered an advantage over a meal, and Annalize believes that a big move is necessary to shake things up.

S6 E14

Katinka comes to Tom with a plan for Werner, but Tom approaches Werner with a request to scotch it.

S6 E15

Tom comes to accept the fact that he has to betray Werner in order to win as the jury do not favour him.

S6 E16

The final Tribal Council of the sixth series takes place, drama unfolds, and the Ultimate Survivor is decided.