S8 E15 ∙

The two finalists compete for $100,000, brand-new kitchen appliances, and a trip to Las Vegas to dine with Gordon Ramsay at his restaurant.

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All episodes for series 8 of Masterchef Junior USA

S8 E1

The junior chefs are tasked with their first challenge.

S8 E2

The chefs must collaborate in groups to create the most show-stopping pizzas.

S8 E3

The remaining 14 junior chefs split into two teams to prepare a medieval-themed dish.

S8 E4

The young home cooks must make one of their favourite treats: donuts.

S8 E5

The chefs must satisfy the cravings of a restaurant full of mothers-to-be.

S8 E6

The junior chefs compete in a fiery elimination challenge.

S8 E7

The chefs must create the best American-style comfort dish.

S8 E8

The remaining chefs create one of the most popular fried, feisty and spicy finger foods.

S8 E9

The eight junior chefs host their first-ever bake sale.

S8 E10

The seven remaining junior chefs must create a dish with an egg of their choice.

S8 E11

The top six junior chefs take over the luxury hotel NoMad in downtown LA.

S8 E12

The chefs are challenged to filet as many fish as they can in 15 minutes.

S8 E13

The top four participate in a tag team challenge.

S8 E14

The top three cook a dish for the judges that is inspired by their families.

S8 E15

The two finalists compete for $100,000.