S3 E7 ∙

The locals are rehearsing for their annual production of St George and the Dragon when they hear rumours that Sir Timothy has returned.

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S3 E1

Could an unexpected inheritance see the Timmins family leave Lark Rise?

S3 E2

Can Daniel make amends with the people he has offended, and win back Laura's affections?

S3 E3

Laura intercepts a letter addressed to Alf. Emma is not impressed by Edmund.

S3 E4

A Measles epidemic sweeps through Lark Rise and Candleford.

S3 E5

Dorcas learns the secret identity of mysterious recluse Mr Reppington.

S3 E6

Daniel's campaign against injustice attracts the attention of a London newspaper.

S3 E7

Can Dorcas and Lady Adelaide finally put their past history to rest?

S3 E8

Dorcas is troubled by Pearl's attachment to her new seamstress.

S3 E9

An unexpected rivalry springs up when the Lark Rise school loses its teacher.

S3 E10

Laura is shaken to the core when she receives a mysterious letter.

S3 E11

Fisher Bloom returns, and his arrival has an impact on both Laura and Dorcas.

S3 E12

With the post office under threat, a very important visitor may be Dorca's saviour.