S13 E5 ∙

Paramedics are sent to help a 49-year-old who has fallen in the street after a night out in Stoke, while in Dudley, paramedics visit a 5-month-old who has a temperature and isn't drinking.

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S13 E1

Janine and Adam help a woman threatening to jump out of a first-floor window.

S13 E2

In Dudley, a man collapses while playing bingo two days before his wedding.

S13 E3

Jo and Ash deal with a patient whose chronic cough leaves him struggling to breathe.

S13 E4

Newly-wed paramedics Mick and Rachel help a young man who has hurt his back.

S13 E5

Paramedics are sent to help a 49-year-old who has fallen in the street after a night out.

S13 E6

West Midlands paramedics assess a man police have found acting erratically.

S13 E7

Paramedics are called to a 67-year-old with a lung condition who can't breathe.

S13 E8

Paramedics are sent to help a woman whose foot was run over by a bin lorry.

S13 E9

Crews are sent to a 70-year-old with breathing problems who requires immediate surgery.

S13 E10

Paramedics help a man with anxiety who discovered he might have been exposed to HIV.

S13 E11

Chris and Tom go to the home of a young woman who is having suicidal thoughts.

S13 E12

In Dudley, Ash and Jamie blue light to a frightened young woman with severe chest pains.

S13 E13

Anna and Stuart rush to the home of a former soldier with a potential spinal injury.

S13 E14

V and Ollie blue light to a rugby pitch to help a man who had a seizure.

S13 E15

Anna and Darren treat a woman suffering from terminal cancer.

S13 E16

Sam and Tony are called to a woman suffering excruciating stomach pains.

S13 E17

Laura and Jason treat a 74-year-old woman who is having a stroke.

S13 E18

V and Ollie are called to woman who has suffered a seizure but refuses to go to hospital.

S13 E19

Paramedics blue light it to a man who had a bad fall and has a suspected spinal injury.

S13 E20

Paramedics respond to a call about a man who has collapsed with severe breathlessness.