S2 E31 ∙ Judgement Day ∙

Medical drama. Dr Powers treats a harassed mother who can't cope with her new baby, but is there more to the problem than meets the eye?


Contains Mature Themes

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S2 E1 · Love You Madly

Medical drama. Dr Steve Rawlings remains sceptical about a man's support for his traumatised wife.

S2 E2 · Secrets and Lies

Medical drama. Mac suspects that a patient in the advanced stages of MS is being abused by his teen daughter.

S2 E3 · Twice Blessed

Medical drama. Steve offers support to a woman whose sister and son believe that she is insane.

S2 E4 · Looking After

Medical drama. Mac and Ruth must unearth a painful memory to help a man accept a new family member.

S2 E8 · Bitter Pills

Medical drama. Compromise is called for when a father's medical beliefs are challenged.

S2 E9 · Slapstick

Medical drama. Caroline learns a harsh lesson when she places her trust in a patient.

S2 E10 · Family Law

Medical drama. Caroline faces some unexpected surprises, and Helen receives a shock from an unforeseen turn.

S2 E12 · Happy Families

Medical drama. Jack tells Helen to take her time, and a mother needs help to control her wayward daughter.

S2 E13 · A Friend in Need

Medical drama. Helen considers a change of image, and Brendan treats a patient with a mysterious ailment.

S2 E15 · Rules of Conduct

Medical drama. A woman fears the worst when her grandmother refuses to reveal why she went to see the doctor.

S2 E16 · Poles Apart

Medical drama. An American woman makes an emergency appointment but gets diagnosed by Joanna instead.

S2 E17 · Killing Me Softly

Medical drama. Helen's professional skills are tested to the limit when family problems get the better of her.

S2 E18 · Heroes

Medical drama. Steve leaps into action to save a child, and Rana faces a particularly difficult case.

S2 E20 · In Deep

Medical drama. The past catches up with Caroline as she fights to prove a mother's innocence.

S2 E21 · In Too Deep

Medical drama. Caroline continues to fight to prove a mother's innocence, and Helen has a dilemma of passion.

S2 E22 · All Shook Up

Medical drama. Rana finds himself at the heart of the storm when Caroline confronts her ex-husband.

S2 E26 · Pretty Baby

Medical drama. Dr Powers suspects she isn't hearing the whole story from a woman claiming to have been raped.

S2 E27 · Blood Ties

Medical drama. Steve faces a dilemma when a woman is diagnosed with a hereditary disease.

S2 E28 · Last Stand

Medical drama. Rana encounters a 90-year-old man who refuses treatment and only takes care from a neighbour.

S2 E32 · The Sacrifice

Medical drama. A ballerina's collapse makes Steve suspect her teacher of driving her too hard.

S2 E33 · Juggling Act

Rock star Carol Decker guest stars in this episode of the medical drama. A boy needs urgent attention.

S2 E35 · Payment in Kind

Medical drama. A suspicious Helen offers support to a couple seeking help for their pregnant Czech nanny.

S2 E36 · God's Gift

Medical drama. Ruth makes a sinister discovery when a number of women turn up with a common tie to bond them.

S2 E38 · Pig in the Middle

Medical drama. Jo tries to reunite her family, and Mac helps a man whose work is suffering due to socialising.

S2 E40 · Love Me Tender

Medical drama. Steve treats a schoolboy suffering from a highly infectious disease, and Helen is tempted.

S2 E44 · Fit to Drive

Medical drama. Ruth takes a nightmarish journey in a taxi driven by Dr Thompson's cousin.

S2 E46 · The Accused

Medical drama. Loyalties are tested when a patient makes serious allegations against Rana.

S2 E50 · Double Trouble

Medical drama. A 12-year-old boy urgently needs a kidney transplant, but his father refuses to be tested.

S2 E54 · Last Rites

Medical drama. Sheila has her doubts when Joanna's grandmother dies suddenly in her sleep.

S2 E58 · Death Duties

Medical drama. Helen returns from a liaison with Chris to discover her son has been rushed to hospital.

S2 E82 · The Test

An Orthodox Jew risks his father's wrath by announcing he wants to marry out of his faith.

S2 E96 · Partners

Caroline is deeply affected by a woman's claims that she was raped by her husband.

S2 E98 · Hide and Seek

Jo awaits the verdict on her future as the repercussions of her prescription fraud rumble on.

S2 E99 · The Risk Business

Steve treats a man suffering chest pains after illegally handling asbestos, and Helen moves back in with Phil.

S2 E100 · Final Cut

Jo considers her future at Riverside as Steve springs a surprise on his fiancee's daughter.

S2 E102 · Father's Day

Concern grows for Jo as her condition remains critical, and Mac has to decide on a course of action.

S2 E107 · Hush A Bye

Rana is puzzled by a quiet and unresponsive baby, and Caroline has reservations about her mother's plans.