S6 E9 ∙ Making The Break ∙

Kelly feels the pressure as social worker Trish Barnes investigates allegations of child abuse.


Contains Mature Themes

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S6 E1 · Humpty Dumpty

Julian and Sister Duffy take part in a mountain rescue, and a somewhat unprepared Charlie returns to work.

S6 E2 · Judgement Day

Beth goes to court over negligence claims, and an athletics coach puts too much pressure on his protege.

S6 E3 · Dangerous Games

The team have to cope with a teenage girl runaway and a young man who almost drowns in a local swimming pool.

S6 E4 · Hide and Seek

Julian's promotion prospects at Holby suffer a setback when he meets a rival for the consultant's post.

S6 E5 · Joy Ride

Duffy's relationship with Kelly is strained, and a group of teenage joyriders end up on the wards.

S6 E8 · Living In Hope

The team perform an emergency amputation on a cyclist, and Duffy and Kelly both consider giving up nursing.

S6 E11 · The Last Word

Julian performs an emergency operation, and a new nurse has difficulty treating an HIV-positive patient.

S6 E13 · Facing Up

Mark lets the cat out of the bag as Josh puts his own life on the line to rescue a father and son from a fire.

S6 E14 · Allegiance

A guitarist sustains a career-threatening injury, and a paparazzi member causes an accident while on a job.

S6 E15 · Cascade

An airline accident and rumours of redundancies dampen the atmosphere at Beth's leaving party.