S1 E3 ∙

Junior attempts to settle his debt with Queenie, and Zeke suspects his unionization efforts are being undermined by a mole. Marlene pushes for a Black-owned community clinic.


Contains Strong Language, Sexual Themes and Violence

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S1 E1

After a tragedy on the job, two train porters take different paths.

S1 E2

Junior runs afoul of a Chicago gangster, while Zeke tries to win over a strong union ally.

S1 E3

Junior attempts to settle his debt with Queenie.

S1 E4

Zeke and Marlene visit New York to pursue their respective agendas.

S1 E5

Zeke uses his welfare committee position to get closer to Edwards.

S1 E6

Lucy aims to make a name for herself outside of Club Stardust.

S1 E7

Zeke calls on a reluctant ally for help, while Junior's plan to leave St. Antoine hits a snag.

S1 E8

Junior sets a plan in motion and Marlene tends to an ailing Fay.