S18 E47 ∙

The teams struggle with the staggering task of completing nearly 10 acres of landscaping.

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S18 E1

Scotty takes five couples to the countryside to renovate massive homes on 10 acres.

S18 E2

It's time for a look at the first bedrooms - who will wow the judges with their efforts?

S18 E3

The couples rough it out in bleak weather conditions while planning their bathrooms.

S18 E4

The Blockheads are under the pump as they struggle to get their bathrooms across the line.

S18 E5

It's finally time for the bathrooms to be judged and the stakes have never been higher!

S18 E6

As one team celebrates their win, the others throw some serious shade at the judges.

S18 E7

The couples are hard at work creating plush guest bedrooms.

S18 E8

The Blockheads get a fascinating insight into the cultural heritage of the land.

S18 E9

Which team will wow the judges and nab the $10,000 prize for their stunning guest bedroom?

S18 E10

As the renovations continue, the teams begin work on their master ensuites.

S18 E11

The ensuites turn out to be more trouble than expected.

S18 E12

Chaos abounds as teams are shut down, tiles go missing, and tears start flowing.

S18 E13

Which couple will get the $10,000 for their master ensuites?

S18 E14

One couple feel they are out of their depth, but still think their room should have won.

S18 E15

Tempers fly as one Blockhead's comment causes grave offence to a fellow contestant.

S18 E16

The teams design some of the biggest bedrooms and walk-in wardrobes they've ever seen.

S18 E17

The judges are amazed by the bedrooms and walk-in wardrobes, but who wins $10,000?

S18 E18

As they move to the modern section of their homes, the teams face a new set of challenges.

S18 E19

With very little time to spare, the couples race to finish two rooms for the judges.

S18 E20

Scotty and Shelley have concerns about one team - will they go or will they tough it out?

S18 E21

The teams work hard to add the finishing touches to their guest bedroom and bathroom.

S18 E22

A heart-warming letter brings everyone together for a very worthy challenge.

S18 E23

The Blockheads race to get the rooms ready for their kitchen installations.

S18 E24

One disgruntled contestant questions whether The Block is an even playing field.

S18 E25

The kitchens are finally revealed, but which team will take home $10,000?

S18 E26

A shortage of materials hampers the progress of the living and dining rooms.

S18 E27

Pressure mounts to complete the biggest living and dining rooms in the show's history.

S18 E28

The teams face the possibility that their living and dining rooms will not be completed.

S18 E29

The judges have their work cut out as the epic living and dining rooms are revealed.

S18 E30

It's time for the much-dreaded Hallway Week.

S18 E31

As the teams deal with Hallway Week, there's another challenge to complete.

S18 E32

Bad weather and muddy conditions cause chaos, making Hallway Week even worse.

S18 E33

The teams reveal hallways, mudrooms, laundries and breezeways - but who will win $10,000?

S18 E34

The Blockheads come together to encourage an overwhelmed contestant.

S18 E35

The couples come down hard on Scotty.

S18 E36

One couple wins the biggest prize in The Block history.

S18 E37

The judges arrive to view the completed guest bedrooms.

S18 E38

The couples tackle their guest bedrooms and re-do some of their other rooms.

S18 E39

The Blockheads prepare for the most important challenge of the season.

S18 E40

The teams race to get their houses finished for 100 potential buyers to inspect them.

S18 E41

Which team will impress the judges with their guest bedroom and re-do room?

S18 E42

Tempers fly and nerves are frayed as the teams find themselves in financial trouble.

S18 E43

It seems like the odds are stacked against the teams completing their homes.

S18 E44

The teams deal with obstacles as they struggle to finish their work-from-home spaces.

S18 E45

One team receives the devastating news that they won't make it to the finish line.

S18 E46

Tempers continue to fly as one contestant nearly comes to blows with their landscaper.

S18 E47

The teams struggle with the staggering task of completing nearly 10 acres of landscaping.

S18 E48

Scotty and Shelley stop by to visit the couples for the last time this season.

S18 E49

We take a look back at the Blockheads' journey over the last 12 weeks.

S18 E50

Which team will win a brand-new car for their outstanding landscaping?

S18 E51

It's auction time and one team will win the $100,000 grand prize.