S7 E8 ∙

The Island of Secrets opens up once more. Tensions rise when certain tribe members fail to pick up the slack and their lack of contribution begins to create animosity in Sa'ula.

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S7 E1

Three tribes are asked to designate a tribe leader, and the leaders are soon informed that a twist is coming.

S7 E2

Nicole is approached by Paula after Sa'ula's first Tribal Council, and concerns about a sub-alliance surface.

S7 E3

The Amigos bring Seipei into the alliance, Jacques demonstrates his advantage, and Rose-Lee gets key info.

S7 E4

Jacques' wishes for a tribe swap are finally granted; the tribes are reshuffled into three tribes of six.

S7 E5

Undeterred by his position at the bottom of the new Laumei, Durao strikes up a bond with Jacques to progress.

S7 E6

The start of a new alliance shakes up the dynamics, with the members calling themselves the Band of Misfits.

S7 E7

The Band of Misfits keep an idol discovery a secret, and the players must select new tribe colours.

S7 E8

Tensions rise when certain tribe members fail to pick up the slack, and animosity in Sa'ula soon results.

S7 E9

The dynamics of the camp shift when the remaining 13 survivors are merged into a single tribe.

S7 E10

Tensions rise over a close vote at the Tribal Council, and spirits lift over alliances in the Manumalo tribe.

S7 E11

As Seipei sneaks her way around camp through her social game, her actions don't go unnoticed by some people.

S7 E12

Tempers rise between the members of the original Laumei tribe, and Dante saves his strength for a challenge.

S7 E13

Doubts about trust within the spit-shake alliance leaves a few members feeling particularly vulnerable.

S7 E14

The tribe comes together and decides to exclude a particularly vocal member from participating in camp.

S7 E15

The end is in sight on the Island of Paradise when Mike makes a risky decision and breaks the Amigos' embargo.

S7 E16

Steffi tries to build her alliances, Rob breaks up some carefully laid plans, and a tense elimination occurs.

S7 E17

As the experiment comes to an end, certain tribe members have a harder time swallowing alliance betrayals.

S7 E18

The jury air their grievances and issues at the final Tribal Council, revealing well-kept secrets and agendas.