S1 E7 ∙

Tensions run high during The President's Lunch as Paige, Tahlia and Jessie reach breaking point. A moment of intimacy between Kath and Connor sparks a massive meltdown.


Contains Strong Language

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S1 E1

Paige finds herself entangled in the scandalous world of footballers' wives.

S1 E2

The Southern Jets Football Club deal with a loss as they head into the first game of the season.

S1 E3

News breaks of an alleged affair between Rusty and Jessie.

S1 E4

Brian calls it quits with Lauren and recommits to Kath.

S1 E5

Rusty's brave decision to come out sparks an identity crisis for Paige.

S1 E6

Tahlia and Connor's engagement party takes a surprise turn.

S1 E7

Tensions run high during The President's Lunch.

S1 E8

The truth about Jack's death finally comes out.