S3 E7 ∙

Jon decides to start saying yes to any old rubbish TV show, and he and Lucy host a brand-new Channel 4 panel show before helping Gill and Johnny Vegas find the perfect wedding venue.


Contains Strong Language and Mature Themes

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S3 E1

Jon and Lucy give us a glimpse at their new home, and Jon has his eye on an old and unloved pub.

S3 E2

Jon and Lucy get to know their new neighbours, and Lucy sees a PTA raffle as a chance to make an impression.

S3 E3

Jon and Lucy agree to hamster-sit for their neighbours, and Lucy uses a gig as a chance to stage a protest.

S3 E4

Lucy jets off to LA to launch her Hollywood career, leaving Jon on his own with a plan to prank his best mate.

S3 E5

Jon tries to organise Johnny Vegas' stag do, and he and Lucy come up against a ruthless game show opponent.

S3 E6

Jon kicks off his serious acting career, and Lucy discovers another celebrity's 'Mumoir'.

S3 E7

Jon and Lucy help Gill and Johnny Vegas find the perfect wedding venue, then host a new Channel 4 panel show.

S3 E8

It's Gill and Johnny Vegas's wedding day, and Jon and Lucy uncover the celebrity couple ripping this show off.

S3 E9

Jon and Lucy are asked to make a UK travel show with Sally Lindsay, so they set off to Whitby in a RV.

S3 E10

Jon and Lucy are off to Blackpool to make the second half of their TV travel show with Sally Lindsay.