S7 E3 ∙

In the first Team Challenge, contestants must prepare takeout orders for at-home diners.

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S7 E1

The first mystery box has the returning cooks facing their nightmares.

S7 E2

Chef Shigeo Kimura visits the MasterChef kitchen to test the chefs' knife skills.

S7 E3

The contestants must prepare takeout orders for at-home diners.

S7 E4

The Pressure Test comes with more than one surprise twist.

S7 E5

The contestants bring a modern, plant-based twist to classic comfort dishes.

S7 E6

The contestants must compete in a new culinary-themed game show, 'Kitchenary'.

S7 E7

The contestants face a Mystery Box challenge based on foods of the future.

S7 E8

The remaining chefs have 60 minutes to perfectly replicate a luxurious seafood platter.

S7 E9

The contestants are tasked with preparing food for a high-end dinner party.

S7 E10

The judges ask the chefs to create some legendary desserts.

S7 E11

The remaining chefs face a three-round skills test.

S7 E12

The finalists show off the culmination of their skills in a three-hour, three-course task.