S5 E2 ∙

The Top Twelve get their first mystery box, before battling it out in a budget-based elimination challenge.

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S5 E1

Twenty one finalists are whittled down to the Top Twelve.

S5 E2

The Top Twelve get their first mystery box.

S5 E3

The home chefs take on their first team challenge.

S5 E4

The top 10 are given 30 minutes to tackle a mystery box.

S5 E5

The contestants are given two hours to make donuts for dog owners.

S5 E6

The remaining eight cooks face three pressure tests.

S5 E7

The home chefs create three course meals inspired by land, sea and sky.

S5 E8

The contestants are asked to create elevated diner food and Asian street food.

S5 E9

The remaining six chefs face a super-charged Restaurant Takeover team challenge.

S5 E10

The remaining five home chefs must cook with their own choice of signature ingredients.

S5 E11

The final three face their first pop-up restaurant challenge.

S5 E12

The final two home chefs fight for the title of Canada's next MasterChef.