S3 E2 ∙

Gino visits Orgosolo in Sardinia, which is famous for its murals, and a distillery before whipping up a rustic pasta dish.

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S3 E1

Gino D'Acampo learns about the local speciality of Sardinia and hosts a traditional festa for his friends.

S3 E2

Gino visits Orgosolo in Sardinia - which was made famous by its murals - and whips up a rustic pasta dish.

S3 E3

Gino takes a fishing trip, visits the bustling capital city of Cagliari, and cooks a succulent tuna dish.

S3 E4

Gino visits Palermo - the capital of Sicily - meets a man who stood up to the Mafia, and cooks in a vineyard.

S3 E5

Passing the temples of Agrigento, Gino makes his way up the foothills of Mount Etna to Sicily's lemon riviera.

S3 E6

Gino climbs the craters of Mount Etna and cooks on the terrace of the world-famous Bar Vitelli in Savoca.