S1 E1 ∙

It's induction day for 26 junior doctors as they pick up their passes and scrubs for the Emergency Department and try to get their bearings around the Royal Berkshire Hospital.

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S1 E1

It's induction day for 26 junior doctors at the Royal Berkshire Hospital.

S1 E2

Junior doctor Alex handles a paracetamol overdose and a high-risk heart patient.

S1 E3

Adrian does a tricky blood test on a critically-ill patient.

S1 E4

Adrian's ego takes a hit as he bites off more than he can chew.

S1 E5

Claire confronts her fears with her first child patient.

S1 E6

It's the Reading Festival, and the junior doctors have no idea what's in store for them.

S1 E7

Christine handles a mysterious fall case and Adrian learns how to set a broken ankle.

S1 E8

Claire deals with stretched NHS resources when she tries to help a cancer patient who's bleeding heavily.

S1 E9

It's chaos for the junior doctors when the hospital computer system crashes.

S1 E10

Zak treats a 90-year-old woman after paramedics gave her CPR.