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Our detectives look at the case of David Robinson, whose decomposing body was found on 28 December, 1998, with a single gunshot wound on the forehead, execution-style, on a remote beach.

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S1 E1

18-year-old Mona Blades vanished while hitchhiking from Hamilton to Hastings in 1975.

S1 E2

Taxi driver Do Trieu disappeared from his Wellington home in August, 2008.

S1 E3

Japanese traveller Kayo Matsuzawa was found murdered days after arriving in Auckland.

S1 E4

28-year-old mother-of-three Tuitania Barclay has not been seen since 17 September, 2002.

S1 E5

Nearly two decades after 17-year-old Jane Furlong went missing, her remains were found.

S1 E6

David Robinson's decomposing body was found with a single gunshot wound on the forehead.

S1 E7

The body of 22-year-old Katrina Jefferies was found dumped in Auckland's Waikowhai Reserve.

S1 E8

Caretaker Ernie Abbott picked up an unattended suitcase, triggering a bomb that killed him.