S9 E12 ∙

Paul hits the road to collect an old navy ambulance that served its time as a holiday camper.

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S9 E1

Derek travels to the Yorkshire coast to pick up a 1963 Austin J2 Paralanian campervan.

S9 E2

Derek heads to Sunderland to pick up a real Italian beauty - a 1972 Lancia Fulvia Zagato.

S9 E3

Up for sale at the Mathewson's auction is a 1275 Mini GT that could be a future British icon.

S9 E4

Derek goes to pick up a veteran 1904 Swift.

S9 E5

Derek gives the once-over to a Royale Formula Ford race car, and Paul is on a marathon trip to Teesside.

S9 E6

Derek travels to the Lancashire coast to pick up a rare 1972 Citroen SM, and Dave is on HQ duties.

S9 E7

Derek is on the road to pick up a funky little Nissan Figaro and a sublime Ferrari 250 GT tribute car.

S9 E8

Derek checks out an abandoned 1985 Renault 4 and an MGB Roadster that hasn't seen daylight for 36 years.

S9 E9

In the 100th episode, an Aston Martin DBS husk is auctioned.

S9 E10

Derek takes to the skies for his first ever helicopter flight in a 1967 Bell 47 chopper.

S9 E11

Dave's drawn to a Fiat Uno 45 in '1970's beige' with 36,000 miles on the clock.

S9 E12

Paul collects an old navy ambulance that served its time as a holiday camper.

S9 E13

Dave travels to Bedale to extract a barn find - a 1984 Manta GTE.