S1 E6 ∙

Hear about some bizarre wartime happenings, including the magicians who fought the Nazis, the German spy who double-crossed Hitler, and some strange sightings of UFOs in Canada.

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S1 E1

How German U-boat activity in World War I awakened something strange in the oceans.

S1 E2

Were glowing orbs spotted in WWII a secret German weapon or extra-terrestrial life?

S1 E3

Hear about Stalin's canine army and Rommel's hidden hoard of Nazi gold.

S1 E4

Hear about Stalin's human/ape hybrid, zombie spies and a Nazi plague.

S1 E5

Hear about Stalin's flying saucer and an Allied ghost army designed to fool Hitler.

S1 E6

Hear about the magicians who helped beat the Nazis and some sightings of UFOs in Canada.