S1 E6 ∙ The Man on the Blue Plaque ∙

When a 30-year-old skeleton with a very personal connection to Pearl washes up in Whitstable, the restauranteur's budding romance with Mike is also threatened.


Contains Mature Themes

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S1 E1 · The Free Waters

With her son now fully-grown, a single mum pursues her lifelong dream of running a private detective agency.

S1 E2 · Random Acts

The restauranteur-turned-detective discovers that Whitstable may have a mysterious benefactor.

S1 E3 · Civil War

An investigation into a retired policeman's death during a Civil War re-enactment proves highly complicated.

S1 E5 · A Cup O'Kindness

Pearl investigates when a mother takes her daughter out for a boat ride that ends in the pair needing saving.