S1 E1 ∙

Cameras capture the amusing rivalry between two used car dealerships in Derby. Helium balloons lift Caralot's sales.

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S1 E1

Caralot's spirits soar when helium balloons lift their sales and they prank Geoff Cox.

S1 E2

Rookie salesman Howie finds himself at the eye of the storm. A stationery order goes awry.

S1 E3

Rachel Allen shares her recipes for beansprout noodle laksa and Thai sticky chicken

S1 E4

Nick discovers that his beloved Hummer has been advertised for sale all over Derby.

S1 E5

Still smarting from Caralot's myriad pranks, the Geoff Cox team embark on some covert ops.

S1 E6

Jamie goes on a health kick after realising he eats 'at least three pork products a day'.

S1 E7

It's 'German Week' in Derby, with Geoff Cox's Audis pitted against Caralot's BMWs.

S1 E8

The world's most difficult customer descends on Geoff Cox.

S1 E9

Both rival dealerships bank on low-cost, low-margin motors for speedy sales.

S1 E10

Elvis turns up on Geoff Cox's forecourt, orchestrated by their rivals from Caralot.