S2 E4 ∙

Denise's excitement does not last long when Moray dismisses one of her ideas. Susy tackles a demon from her past, and Katherine tries to bring Tom and Flora closer.

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S2 E1

A banished Moray is called back when the shop begins to struggle.

S2 E2

Moray invites a business associate from Paris to visit.

S2 E3

When Tom cancels the staff outing to the music hall, Denise suggests the staff should put on their own show.

S2 E4

Susy tackles a demon from her past.

S2 E5

Tom is furious that Moray's new pocket-watch counter is attracting attention away from his food hall.

S2 E6

Denise sets up a meeting with a potential new investor, only for her work to be undermined.

S2 E7

Katherine learns the truth about her marriage.

S2 E8

French businesswoman Clemence is back in town and finds herself at the mercy of Tom.