S29 E20 ∙ Walk on My Grave ∙

Max discovers the dead boy's stepfather has criminal connections and, without telling Neil, orders an observation of the suspect at the funeral.


Contains Mature Themes

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S29 E1 · Be A Man

Mickey suspects a man questioned for assaulting an imagined love rival is dangerously unbalanced.

S29 E3 · Duty Calls

Jo goes on a hunt for evidence after a robbery seems far more sinister than it first appears.

S29 E5 · Time Bomb

A letter bomb proves to be harmless, but Grace has a hunch that worse is to follow.

S29 E6 · Keep Her Talking

A desperate woman barricades herself and alerts the police to the fact her children are being neglected.

S29 E8 · Red Tape

A fight staged outside a club as a smokescreen for a robbery leaves a woman seriously wounded.

S29 E11 · Impact

Morale within the team picks up as the hunt for Paul Sorrel's killer begins to make progress.

S29 E15 · Bad Blood

A known drug dealer asks Mickey to investigate the suspicious death of his brother.

S29 E21 · Ultimatum

Max wants to arrest a man grooming teenage girls, but Grace urges him to gather watertight evidence.

S29 E23 · Solace

Kirsty and Leon discover the body of a Venezuelan woman on a rubbish dump.

S29 E29 · Tombstone

Callum is determined to uncover the truth about the rape allegation against his dead father.