S4 E10 ∙ Birmingham ∙

The fiercely fought auction show that provides 'lots' of entertainment. Ione loses her rag with Linda. Heavy D and Sam team up to combine their clout and cash.

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S4 E2 · Alton

Things get out of hand between Nat and Boudicca. Scotty faces explosive consequences.

S4 E3 · Hull

Contending with voodoo magic - as well as Heavy D - proves too much for Nat.

S4 E4 · Hampshire

Boudicca and Linda go nose to nose over an uplifting prize. John gives Nat a hard time.

S4 E5 · Carmarthen

Linda needs help moving some heavy gear. Ione and Charlotte compete for spying equipment.

S4 E6 · Cardiff

One of the units has all the bidders gagging. And why is Heavy D dressed up as a ninja?

S4 E7 · Scunthorpe

In Scunthorpe, Barry and Darren try strong-arm tactics to put the other bidders off.

S4 E9 · Lincolnshire

Linda is sure one of the units contains something out of this world. Nat loses her head.

S4 E10 · Birmingham

Barry is without partner Darren. Ione loses her rag with Linda. Heavy D and Sam team up.