S2 E10 ∙ Royston ∙

Sparks fly in the confrontational reality series - quite literally this time, as a storage bin goes up in smoke! A mystery object under tarpaulin causes a catfight.

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S2 E1 · Hampshire

Sean Kelly returns to the UK, with a familiar face in tow. Sam causes a stir.

S2 E2 · Preston

Jesse tries to prove that he has got what it takes to win big in the UK. Heavy D gambles.

S2 E3 · Lewes

A vehicle sends bids sky high. John thinks he has spotted treasure.

S2 E4 · Ipswich

The claws are out as Sam goes for Nat. A petrolhead's bin sparks a bidding war.

S2 E5 · Kent

Love is in the air, but has Heavy D found 'the one' or will his dreams be dashed?

S2 E6 · Yeovil

A slice of Vegas is among the discoveries. Tensions rise as Dan pushes Nat to her limits.

S2 E7 · Gwent

Heavy D confuses the other bidders. Nat takes a gamble on a classic car.

S2 E8 · Leeds

Tensions run high as the Americans come to town. A pig skin shocks a winning bidder.

S2 E10 · Royston

The contents of a bin go up in smoke. A mystery object under tarpaulin causes a catfight.