S1 E8 ∙ Preston ∙

Unflappable auctioneer Sean Kelly keeps order as rival bargain hunters scrap for all manner of potentially lucrative junk. Has cocky Dan gone too far this time?

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S1 E1 · Ipswich

A mystery object sparks a bidding war. The gang compete for an occult bin and a coffin.

S1 E3 · Bentwaters

The contents of some old army bunkers could mean a huge windfall for the winning bidders.

S1 E4 · Perth

The chance of winning a car in a blind auction sends the bidders into a buying frenzy.

S1 E5 · Blackpool

The gang visit Blackpool Pleasure Beach, where Nat and John take a gamble.

S1 E6 · Oxford

John goes against his wife and business partner's advice and ends up in a battle with Dan.

S1 E7 · Glasgow

Nat and John's day in Glasgow gets off to a good start. Dan's dirty tactics cause havoc.

S1 E8 · Preston

In Preston, Dan's cockiness is getting on everyone's nerves and he may have gone too far.

S1 E9 · Barking

Two rivals team up when a vintage vehicle starts a bidding war in Barking.

S1 E10 · Reading

Barry and Darren are on their home turf in Reading and hope not to leave empty-handed.