S2 E21 ∙

A bus hijack turns deadly when Lawson is forced to make a fatal decision, and the team helps remove girls from a community where reports of inappropriate behaviour have been made.


Contains Mature Themes

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S2 E1

Josh and Dom try to rescue a woman tied to an explosive device.

S2 E2

Kerry warns Lawson he risks compromising a Federal investigation.

S2 E3

Lawson finds a young boy involved in a domestic violence situation.

S2 E4

Lawson's attempts to catch a serial killer are hampered by a journalist.

S2 E5

Dom and Stella are caught in a prison siege and Kerry struggles to deal with an accident.

S2 E6

A disturbance helps the team in an investigation into a series of robberies.

S2 E7

Two teenagers hoping for internet notoriety blow up a series of parking pay stations.

S2 E8

The Tactical Response Unit ventures into the Bush to retrieve an abducted boy.

S2 E9

Stella's future in TR is threatened when she becomes involved in an illegal car race.

S2 E10

Michael puts his life in danger when he goes against protocol.

S2 E11

Josh is caught in the middle of an ex-SAS soldier and a Major Crime investigation.

S2 E12

Lawson races to find a baby's kidnappers before the child's grandfather gets there first.

S2 E13

Josh struggles to control his anger when Shannon is assaulted by a taxi driver.

S2 E14

Lawson finds an undercover agent has something to hide.

S2 E15

Josh realises he is attracted to Shannon at his anger management class.

S2 E16

Stella is caught in the crossfire when an informant is removed from witness protection.

S2 E17

Josh and Michael clash when dealing with a delusional man who thinks he's a detective.

S2 E18

Lawson finds out about Josh's relationship with Shannon.

S2 E19

Lawson tries to stop a teenager embarking on a life of crime - only to find it is too late.

S2 E20

Leon is caught stealing during his investigation of video store burglaries.

S2 E21

A bus hijack turns deadly when Lawson is forced to make a fatal decision.

S2 E22

Melbourne's water supply is deliberately contaminated.