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After rescuing two children, Josh's rage spills onto their father, who may have attempted to kill them. Australian police drama, starring Callan Mulvey.


Contains Strong Language and Sexual Themes

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S1 E1

Drama following the lives and work of members of Melbourne's Tactical Response Unit.

S1 E2

Lawson and Grace try to stop a couple of 14-year-old car hijackers.

S1 E3

Stella is in danger when she is called to a sports stadium with Lawson and Michael.

S1 E4

A convict seizes his chance to escape from a prison van and shoots a uniformed officer.

S1 E5

An armed robbery at a pub takes a dramatic turn for the worse when hostages are taken.

S1 E6

Animal rights activists called Freedom From Torture attack a research laboratory.

S1 E7

The Tactical Response team heads to a suburban party when a violent riot breaks out.

S1 E8

A prominent politician's daughter and her school friend are kidnapped.

S1 E9

Josh, Grace and Michael are involved in a serious vehicle collision.

S1 E10

The Tactical Response Unit enters a dangerous game of cat and mouse with a bomber.

S1 E11

Kerry is forced to overcome her grief and confront her own failings as a leader.

S1 E12

Lawson puts his life on the line to stop a highly experienced sniper.

S1 E13

The team is called in to protect an underworld figure being hunted by former associates.