S7 E10 ∙ Nick & Nina ∙

After their twins are born, Nick and Nina decide to move in to Nina's childhood home with her mum. Can Jonathan and Drew transform the place to make it work for everyone?

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S7 E6 · Emily & Adhir

A couple discover that their newly-purchased dream house is in worse shape than they thought.

S7 E8 · Jessica & Kathy

After her husband's unexpected death, a mother of two is left with a home they planned on renovating together.

S7 E11 · Bruce & Larry

A musical family loves their LA home, but the choppy layout keeps them from inviting guests over.

S7 E13 · Emillie & Bill

Emillie and Bill found a backyard farm right near the city, but the home had an impractical layout.

S7 E14 · Dan & Brianne

Dan and Brianne's ranch-style home is the only one their two young children have ever known.

S7 E15 · John & Lynn

John and Lynn love the ample space and beautiful backyard of their home - and can't imagine living elsewhere.

S7 E16 · Jennifer & Paul

Jennifer, Paul and their son Brendan live in the perfect neighbourhood, but their house is anything but.

S7 E17 · Hillary & Trae

Hillary and Trae moved into their spacious 1970s split-level home, but its open layout requires major reform.

S7 E18 · Tenny & Lyle

Tenny and Lyle are excited to marry their two families together, but they need a game-changing renovation.

S7 E19 · Helen & Jared

Helen and Jared are British expats who moved to Los Angeles to put down roots and need help with a main floor.

S7 E20 · Brian & Stephanie

Stephanie lived in one home growing up and Brian moved around a lot as a kid - now they want to settle down.