S5 E11 ∙ Michele and Brian ∙

Michele and Brian are combining their design styles in his LA Spanish-style bungalow, which includes adding functionality and improving the flow of the main floor.

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S5 E2 · Fanny and Cooper

The brothers renovate a 1940s Los Angeles bungalow so a couple have more room for their two children.

S5 E4 · Jen and Alex

Jen and Alex's 1940s LA home is full of character, but its layout doesn't work for them.

S5 E8 · Allie and Ben

The Scott brothers renovate a house for couple Allie and Ben that used to belong to Allie's grandparents.

S5 E12 · Cristina and Rob

Cristina and Rob found their dream home in their ideal neighbourhood, but their three kids are growing up.

S5 E13 · Aliya & Chris

Aliya and Chris have lived in their unique family home for 15 years of major life milestones.