S1 E4 ∙

Agostino and Jennifer's daughters are the fourth generation to live in this compact family home. The house is showing its age and the layout just doesn't work anymore.

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S1 E1

Drew and Jonathan's brother JD wants his bachelor pad transformed into his newlywed home.

S1 E2

Drew and Jonathan help an extended family get more out of their space.

S1 E3

The brothers update a foster family's modest home.

S1 E4

Drew and Jonathan update a fourth generation family house.

S1 E5

A couple want their home to be the perfect place for their young daughter to flourish.

S1 E6

Drew and Jonathan open up the floor plan to Kirsty and Jeff's home.

S1 E7

The brothers work to restore the charm in Amy and Kate's vintage home.

S1 E8

Drew and Jonathan rework Irina and Dean's home to accommodate their family of four.

S1 E9

The brothers re-imagine Chris and Michelle's family home.

S1 E10

Drew and Jonathan renovate Kate and Gavin's outdated kitchen and dining room.