S3 E5 ∙

The Outsiders attempt to upcycle some old bangers into useful additions for the camp, earn their Couples Therapy badge, and get the opportunity to exile their pet peeves.


Contains Strong Language

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S3 E1

The Outsiders try to smuggle contraband past border control and devise an entertaining and educational fable.

S3 E2

The Outsiders compete to create the best multi-tool using scrap rubbish, and a stranger incurs David's wrath.

S3 E3

The Outsiders discover that there's been a murder in the camp and try to win the Rationing badge.

S3 E4

David is unwell, so Lou Sanders oversees proceedings as the Outsiders compete to earn an Energy Healing badge.

S3 E5

The Outsiders try to upcycle old bangers and earn their Couples Therapy badge by counselling their rivals.

S3 E6

The Outsiders attempt to build flying machines and become an elected political party in a bid to triumph.