S1 E13 ∙

It's cute car day as Gracie is in for a tough decision when Elo and Rebecca redefine the word 'cute' with their modern and classic car choices.

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S1 E1

Kerri has to choose between a Porsche and a Karmann Ghia.

S1 E2

Former racer Martin wants to swap his practical Ford Focus for a two-door speedster.

S1 E3

Lexy's deep-set hatred for public transport has brought her to Rebecca and Elo.

S1 E4

Aktar is a racing instructor who is selling his wide range of cars - which 'Forever Car' will he go for?

S1 E5

The environment is no laughing matter for a comedy agent who is looking to go green.

S1 E6

Elo faces a tough challenge when Hayley requests features not often found on classic cars.

S1 E7

Rob loves the great outdoors and is after the perfect lifestyle vehicle.

S1 E8

What can Elo and Rebecca offer an eighteen-year-old DJ who likes mod-cons and fast cars?

S1 E9

A Liverpool man chooses between an Aston Martin and a Ferrari as his racetrack wheels.

S1 E10

George's wife wants him to buy another Land Rover - can Elo's Morgan or Rebecca's Bentley sway him?

S1 E11

Paul is a family man with a 10,000-pound budget - will he go for a modern BMW or a classic Mercedes-Benz?

S1 E12

A retiree has to choose between the perfect present to himself and a practical family car.

S1 E13

Elo and Rebecca redefine the word 'cute' with their modern and classic car choices for client Grace.

S1 E14

Radio presenter Samantha M has her heart set on a convertible, so it's BMW vs Mercedes vs Porsche this time!

S1 E15

Stylish, sporty and sexy: can Elo and Rebecca meet Katie's requirements? The answer is clearly yes!

S1 E16

Donna C has her heart set on a perfect 4x4, but her two dogs will play a big part in her car choices.

S1 E17

Mark wants a weekend boy's toy with power, speed, and muscle... are Elo and Rebecca up to the challenge?

S1 E18

Daniela and Mike are a happy couple... except when it comes to cars. Can Elo and Rebecca sort them out?

S1 E19

Stay-at-home dad Jason has four options put before him by Rebecca and Elo in this episode.

S1 E20

Self-proclaimed Chelsea Girl Lexie has a 65,000-pound budget for a car for a road trip to the south of France.