S4 E5 ∙

Jon considers faking his own death as Lucy gets to work on her sketch show, but when Sally Phillips gets cold feet, Lucy must get another genuine comedy legend on board.


Contains Strong Language and Mature Themes

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S4 E1

Jon is having a midlife crisis and wants to get a tattoo, and Lucy gets career advice from Katherine Ryan.

S4 E2

Lucy plans an all-female sketch show, and Jon meets Richard Herring to discuss a possible partnership.

S4 E3

Lucy tries to up her telly game with quiz show lessons from Russell Kane, and Jon manages to anger Dan Walker.

S4 E4

Jon gets much-needed life advice from new best friend Adrian Chiles, and Lucy takes part in a pub quiz.

S4 E5

Jon considers faking his own death, and Lucy encounters a case of cold feet on her sketch show.

S4 E6

When Lucy is offered the chance to do Strictly, Jon tries not to bring it up when he meets Seann Walsh...

S4 E7

Jon and Lucy find out what real love looks like at dinner with Marcus Brigstocke and Rachel Parris.

S4 E8

It's Jon's 40th birthday and Lucy has loads of surprises planned... will Jon finally get his tattoo?

S4 E9

Jon and Lucy are making a Halloween special... but Dave actually want TV legend Sarah Greene to present it.

S4 E10

Meet the outtakes episode as the real Jon and Lucy go behind the scenes to reveal what didn't make the cut.