S3 E6 ∙

Peter helps an aristocrat whose brother is selling off titles, and Lyle aids a small-holder taking on a pharmaceutical giant, while Beatrice learns to fish.

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S3 E1

Drama. Peter helps an injured Iraq War veteran come to terms with his future.

S3 E2

Crop circles in a local field grab the attention of the Market Shipborough sci-fi set.

S3 E3

Drama. Peter tries to find a middle ground in the minefield of scientific research and animal rights.

S3 E4

Drama. Peter discovers the identity of his niece's true father and gets involved in a blackmail case.

S3 E5

Lyle tries to save his mum's allotment, Scott is suspended from school, and Snell gets married.

S3 E6

Lyle helps a small-holder take on a pharmaceutical giant.