S1 E14 ∙ Rufus ∙

Reality series set in Montgomery Vets. This time, a 17-year-old cat has life-threatening surgery, troublesome rats get the snip and a puppy behaves badly.

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S1 E1 · Ted

A bearded dragon needs an emergency procedure after straining to lay eggs.

S1 E2 · Boris

A wild bird fights for its life and a giant rabbit needs an ear operation.

S1 E3 · Bonnie

A parrot's life hangs in the balance when an egg gets stuck.

S1 E4 · Claude

A beloved family cat fights for her life and a bulldog struggles to breathe.

S1 E8 · Bantum

A guinea pig needs high-risk surgery to remove a growth as big as his head.

S1 E9 · Lola

A rhino iguana needs life-saving surgery for a monster growth.

S1 E10 · Phin

A snake with a serious burn comes into the clinic for an emergency appointment.

S1 E11 · Hoodie

One of the staff's pets fights for life and a tortoise with a squishy shell needs help.

S1 E12 · Murray

There's a bloodbath in the surgery when a dog arrives with an injured tail.

S1 E13 · Mugabe

A dog suffers from stress after sharing his home with a cheetah.

S1 E14 · Rufus

A 17-year-old cat has life-threatening surgery and a puppy behaves badly.

S1 E15 · Agatha

Visiting the vets this time is a young puppy with a worrying heart condition.