S2 E2 ∙

Reality series following the paramedics of West Midlands Ambulance Service. Paramedics attend to a man with abdominal pain and a grandmother who is having a panic attack.

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S2 E1

A man has life-threatening injuries after being stabbed during a gang attack.

S2 E2

A young man is experiencing abdominal pain and a grandmother is having a panic attack.

S2 E3

Two paramedics treat an elderly man who is having a heart attack.

S2 E4

The team help a baby with suspected sepsis and an expectant dad with serious burns.

S2 E5

The team help a couple who have both taken overdoses and a pensioner with heart pain.

S2 E6

Paramedics help a woman having a series of seizures and an army veteran with PTSD.

S2 E7

Paramedics help a man who is bleeding from the head after being attacked with a bottle.

S2 E8

This episode features a teenager having an asthma attack on the day of a GCSE exam.

S2 E9

This episode features a pensioner who has suffered a domestic assault.

S2 E10

This episode features a young woman who has had a violent seizure.