S1 E13 ∙

Pommie pest controllers tackle the lizards of Oz - and other beasties. Nature lover Martin comes to the aid of Sydney's bats. Rabbiting with ferrets proves taxing for Colin.

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S1 E1

Louise has to collect crocodile eggs. Ryan deals with a huge python hidden in a car.

S1 E2

Craig has a terrifying night in crocodile-infested waters. Jimmy encounters a kangaroo.

S1 E3

Brummie Craig removes a python from a pool shed, but ends up being rescued himself.

S1 E4

Mole catcher Louise survives a terrifying pig hunt. Londoner Colin bags a python.

S1 E5

Craig and Mike hunt down the wild killer threatening turtles with extinction.

S1 E6

Ryan is terrified when his feet come dangerously close to an angry crocodile's jaw.

S1 E7

'Crafty Cockney' Mark catches venomous snakes. Jimmy and Kasey wrangle crocodiles.

S1 E8

Kasey joins up with Sunshine Coast snake catcher Richie to bag a venomous intruder.

S1 E9

Kasey tackles a python. Martin lays rat traps. Craig faces Australia's biggest spider.

S1 E10

The best bits from the reality show following pest controllers as they track Aussie pests.

S1 E11

London rat catcher Jimmy relocates a 500kg crocodile known as 'Snappy Tom'.

S1 E12

Craig is worried about what lies beneath the Barefoot Bushman's croc farm.

S1 E13

Sydney's bat population is a suburban 'pest', so nature lover Martin comes to their aid.

S1 E14

Snake catcher Kylee uses Londoner Jimmy's muscle to wrestle a huge python in a car park.

S1 E15

Louise captures a red-bellied black snake that is threatening horses on a rural property.

S1 E16

Jimmy travels to a remote outpost to stop buffalo polluting the community's waterway.

S1 E17

Jimmy traps a wild dog that is scaring local farmers. Ryan tackles an eastern brown snake.

S1 E18

Colin thinks he has found an eastern brown snake in a child's bedroom.

S1 E19

In Sydney, Amber discovers rats aren't the only pests living in the attic.

S1 E20

The best bits of the reality series that followed British pest controllers in Australia.