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Hannah, Lou, Clare and Shannon are best friends all looking for love - will gym-goer Lewis, rugby player David, or medical student Mike prove to be a match for them?


Contains Mature Themes

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S1 E1

Hannah, Lou, Clare and Shannon are fun-loving best friends from York who are looking for love.

S1 E2

Single mums Amy, Heather, Becky and Delyth from North Wales are all unlucky in love.

S1 E3

William, AJ, Tristan and Nathan are looking for their perfect man.

S1 E4

With heartbreak in their past, Sandy, Louise, Jane and Nicky are looking for a genuine connection.

S1 E5

Jordan, Alexis, Chantel and Riianna are fabulous London women with high standards for the men they date.

S1 E6

Matt, 'Ginge', Alex and Adam from Worcester are a warm group of lads looking for love.

S1 E7

Libby, Sara, Kym and Jade from Reading are smart and funny women, so far unlucky in love.

S1 E8

Mon, Gish, Chyna and Coco from South London are fun, sassy girls who know what they want.

S1 E9

It's Vicky's first foray into dating women.

S1 E10

As single dads in their forties, finding love is tricky for Rob, Steve, Matt and Jayson.