S22 E113 ∙

Ruby gets a nasty surprise when she snoops in Johnny's office.

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S22 E1

Johnny's worlds threaten to collide when Tina moves into Walford on a permanent basis.

S22 E2

Keith is determined to make things up with Darren.

S22 E3

Johnny tries to be all things to all women.

S22 E4

It's crunch time for Tina and Johnny.

S22 E5

Johnny discovers the truth about Tina's flirtation.

S22 E6

It's an eventful night in Walford.

S22 E7

Johnny is furious at Tina's latest move.

S22 E8

Johnny makes Tina an offer she can't refuse.

S22 E9

Billy's world is rocked when a fugitive arrives in Albert Square.

S22 E10

Police swarm the Square as Billy tries to pull out all the stops for his unexpected guest.

S22 E11

Billy and Pat face police interrogation.

S22 E12

Chrissie holds a St George's Day celebration at the Vic.

S22 E13

Dot insists Jim get rid of his car.

S22 E14

Johnny struggles to tell Ruby about Tina - will he make the deadline?

S22 E15

Garry, Minty and Alfie go speed-dating.

S22 E16

Garry and Minty embark on a new regime to improve their pulling power.

S22 E17

Ian faces a dilemma when he realises how upset Pauline is.

S22 E18

Ian and Pauline begin their search for Rebecca's grandmother, behind Sonia's back.

S22 E19

Pauline meets her granddaughter and makes a life-changing decision.

S22 E20

Pauline tells Sonia she's seen Rebecca.

S22 E21

Martin puts his foot down about Rebecca but can Pauline let it lie?

S22 E22

Ruby's attempts to clear the air lead to a bewildering discovery about Tina and Johnny.

S22 E23

Ruby's world crumbles as she starts to unravel Tina and Johnny's lies.

S22 E24

Ruby confronts Johnny and faces her ultimate fear.

S22 E25

Derek's actions force Pauline into making a hard decision.

S22 E26

Ruby takes matters into her own hands.

S22 E27

As Ruby says her farewells, could Tina be returning?

S22 E28

Alfie arranges a date with Little Mo, at Minty and Garry's flat.

S22 E29

The Millers return to their old estate.

S22 E30

Billy thinks there's still a chance he'll get back with Little Mo.

S22 E31

Leo convinces Demi that they should run away and make a new life together.

S22 E32

Kat returns to the Square as Little Mo and Alfie decide to reveal their relationship.

S22 E33

Kat and Alfie talk through their problems.

S22 E34

Chrissie watches nervously as Zoe opens up to Kat in the Vic.

S22 E35

Alfie only has eyes for Little Mo at Kat's welcome home party.

S22 E36

Alfie feels pressurised to reconcile with Kat.

S22 E37

Pauline decides that Margaret isn't capable of looking after Rebecca.

S22 E38

Little Mo competes with Kat for Alfie's attention.

S22 E39

Pauline finally accepts that Rebecca is happy where she is.

S22 E40

Zoe can't escape the reminders of her involvement in Den's death.

S22 E41

Sam confesses to Zoe that Den's murder wasn't as simple as she thinks.

S22 E42

Zoe prepares to face her demons.

S22 E43

Chrissie's confronted by a furious Zoe.

S22 E44

As Zoe prepares to leave the Square, two familiar faces return.

S22 E45

Dennis and Sharon's return causes havoc in the Square.

S22 E46

Zoe starts to reveal her terrible secrets.

S22 E47

Emotions run high as Kat interrogates Zoe for the truth.

S22 E48

Kat struggles to deal with Zoe's confession.

S22 E49

Kat's on the war path after Chrissie and Sam.

S22 E50

The pressure's rising for Chrissie as Kat promises revenge.

S22 E51

Dot suggests that Pat buys the bookies.

S22 E52

Sharon finally admits her true feelings about Walford and her future with Dennis.

S22 E53

Rejected by Johnny, Danny begins to spiral out of control.

S22 E54

Danny's frustrations about the salsa night boil over.

S22 E55

Danny finally figures a way to get Johnny's attention.

S22 E56

Jake and Danny attempt to escape the Square, but Johnny's on to them.

S22 E57

Alfie confronts Johnny about Jake and Danny's fate.

S22 E58

Billy's hopes are dashed when Little Mo reveals her true feelings.

S22 E59

Sparks fly when Sharon and Dennis row over leaving the Square.

S22 E60

Sharon and Dennis have one more surprise in store for Chrissie.

S22 E61

Alfie can't bring himself to tell Kat the truth, and agrees to go on a date with her.

S22 E62

Alfie finds himself with two dates.

S22 E63

Alfie keeps to his promise and dines both Kat and Little Mo.

S22 E64

Darren spills the beans about the plan to separate Demi from Leo.

S22 E65

Alfie's forced to come clean about his love life.

S22 E66

Leo and Demi savour their last moments together.

S22 E67

Sharon recalls the unhappy marriage her parents had.

S22 E68

Rosie and Keith remain hopeful that once Leo is out of Demi's life she can move on.

S22 E69

Dennis doesn't want Den anywhere near his wedding.

S22 E70

Sharon's determined to have Den at her wedding.

S22 E71

Keith loses his rag with a journalist, harming the Millers' chances of finding Demi.

S22 E72

Tensions run high at the Millers' over Demi's disappearance.

S22 E73

As Demi and Leo's situation begins to look hopeless, Leo struggles to find a solution.

S22 E74

Demi's forced to choose between the people that she loves.

S22 E75

Trisha decides to help Rosie and Keith hunt for the kids.

S22 E76

Believing Demi to be dead, Leo takes a heroin overdose.

S22 E77

Rosie worries about Demi and Aleesha's future.

S22 E78

The police ask questions about Den.

S22 E79

Dennis crashes the hen night to proclaim his love for Sharon.

S22 E80

Sam tries to play Chrissie at her own game.

S22 E81

Rosie reveals her fears for Demi.

S22 E82

Kat's angered and hurt by Alfie's mixed signals.

S22 E83

Alfie decides which Slater sister he wants.

S22 E84

Sam can't stand the pressure and goes to the police.

S22 E85

Sharon's happy day arrives, as she finally marries Dennis.

S22 E86

Sam's eager to dish the dirt on Chrissie, but all fingers point to her.

S22 E87

Sam begs the police to listen to her story, but she's still the main suspect.

S22 E88

Chrissie manages to talk her way out of trouble, as Sam is charged with murder.

S22 E89

Finally, Alfie tells Kat that there's no hope of a reconciliation.

S22 E90

Devastated by Alfie's rejection, Kat decides to leave the Square.

S22 E91

Sam's shocked when a familiar face comes to help her.

S22 E92

Little Mo's hurt by Alfie's news that he's back with Kat.

S22 E93

Kat and Alfie announce that they're back together.

S22 E94

Unwittingly, Billy gives Alfie's game away.

S22 E95

Kat's enraged by Little Mo's betrayal.

S22 E96

Alfie tries to convince Kat to give their relationship another go.

S22 E97

Pat stands up against Peggy's criticisms of Billy.

S22 E98

Peggy's suspicions of Chrissie deepen.

S22 E99

Peggy takes on Chrissie at Den's funeral.

S22 E100

Dennis struggles to deal with his grief.

S22 E101

Mickey's joy at seeing his sister Dawn is short-lived when he realises her motives.

S22 E102

Sick of being the sensible brother, Gus makes a rash decision.

S22 E103

Juley suspects Mike of dodgy dealings.

S22 E104

Dawn's forced to accept that her dad's a crook.

S22 E105

Rosie is shocked that Dawn might not stick around.

S22 E106

An attack of conscience causes Chrissie to come clean to her man.

S22 E107

Chrissie's desperate to escape the guilt of killing Den..

S22 E109

Peggy tirelessly battles to get the Vic back.

S22 E110

Billy pays the price for Peggy's obsession with getting the Vic back.

S22 E111

Ruby witnesses Peggy's public revenge on Johnny.

S22 E112

Ruby wants the truth about her dad.

S22 E113

Ruby gets a nasty surprise when she snoops in Johnny's office.

S22 E114

Ruby's disgusted by details of her dad's gruesome past.

S22 E115

Ruby's enraged by Johnny's attempt to buy her forgiveness.

S22 E116

Johnny reveals to Ruby just how dangerous he can be.

S22 E117

Phil and Grant arrive in the nick of time.

S22 E118

Grant puts the frighteners on Chrissie.

S22 E119

The brothers realise that Sharon is Sam's only chance of freedom.

S22 E120

Phil and Grant persuade Sharon to hear Sam out.

S22 E121

Johnny captures Chrissie on CCTV.

S22 E122

Johnny's deserted by Tina and Ruby.

S22 E123

Stacey makes Dennis realise who's really pulling his strings.

S22 E124

Split loyalties cause Stacey to have a crisis of conscience.

S22 E125

Johnny gets the Mitchells where he wants them, but Ruby makes him think twice.

S22 E126

Chrissie hides, while her enemies scour the Square.

S22 E127

Sam's released and re-united with her family after Chrissie's confession.

S22 E128

Alfie finally accepts that Nana's going to die.

S22 E129

Peggy's overjoyed to have Sam and The Vic back, but dark clouds descend from Phil.

S22 E130

Ian's day goes from bad to worse.

S22 E131

Sam can't face prison and flees to Brazil.

S22 E132

Sam faces up to the gravity of her situation.

S22 E133

Ruby's over the moon when Juley asks her to be his girl.

S22 E134

Johnny has an ulterior motive when he invites Juley for supper.

S22 E135

Ruby and Juley get back together, but happiness turns to heartache when Johnny finds out.

S22 E136

Johnny puts the frighteners on Juley.

S22 E137

Sonia confronts her feelings for Martin and Naomi.

S22 E138

Spurned by Sonia, Naomi wrestles with her feelings.

S22 E139

Sonia makes peace with Naomi, but Martin twigs what the pair have been up to.

S22 E140

Nana gets her wish to have tea with the Queen.

S22 E141

Stacey's mum Jean's mental health deteriorates, causing Stacey to rush to her side.

S22 E142

Pat can't resist the charms of Frank.

S22 E143

Stacey struggles to cope as Jean's sole carer.

S22 E144

Stacey realises that her mum needs more care than she can give.

S22 E145

Ruby plots to evade Johnny's watchful eye.

S22 E146

Juley gets a unwelcome visit from Johnny.

S22 E147

Phil plays Juley like a puppet in order to further his plot to break Johnny.

S22 E148

Alfie struggles to give Nana the Christmas she craves, but the day ends in heartache.

S22 E149

Kat supports a grief-stricken Alfie and helps him come to terms with Nana's death.

S22 E150

Sonia feels suffocated by her marriage and considers a life away from Martin.

S22 E151

The Square's residents pay their last respects to Nana.

S22 E152

Sonia's festive troubles are compounded when a familiar face appears.

S22 E153

Alfie buys a car to drive around America.

S22 E154

Alfie leaves the Square, but realises that there are some things you can't leave behind.

S22 E155

Johnny's taken down a peg or two in public.

S22 E156

Johnny threatens Sharon with Dennis's life.

S22 E157

Sharon struggles to come up with a solution that will save Dennis from Johnny.

S22 E158

Sharon and Dennis prepare to say goodbye to the Square.

S22 E159

Phil forces Dennis to choose what matters most, but Sharon knows that time's running out.

S22 E160

Phil cooks up another evil scheme.

S22 E161

Juley's distressed by Phil's orders to dump Ruby.

S22 E162

Ruby searches for answers from Juley.

S22 E163

Johnny wastes no time in getting to the bottom of Ruby and Juley's break-up.

S22 E164

Phil denies his involvement in Dennis's downfall.

S22 E165

Joe pops the question to Pauline.

S22 E166

A distressed Ruby drowns her sorrows.

S22 E167

Phil acts quickly and rescues Ruby.

S22 E168

Mike and Rosie reminisce about old times over a romantic lunch.

S22 E170

Johnny whisks Ruby away from Walford and her friends.

S22 E171

Rosie shocks Mike with a last minute decision.

S22 E172

Keith learns what Rosie's been up to.

S22 E173

An evening out takes a nasty turn for Stacey, Deano and new arrival, Bradley.

S22 E174

Deano keeps a low profile when the police investigate Stacey's attack.