S1 E9 ∙

Nick and Stephen have moved back home to live with their dad, in a house he hasn't changed since their mother passed away. They want to give his home a makeover to say thank you.

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S1 E1

Adam and Renee are desperate to change their front room, bar space and master bedroom.

S1 E2

The couples have one day to finish the final two rooms.

S1 E3

The designers try to push the limits to transform twin townhouses.

S1 E4

The neighbours meet for the first time and share their thoughts on the first two room reveals.

S1 E5

In the yellow house, a cramped living room is transformed into a stylish space.

S1 E6

The neighbours and friends meet for the very first time since the key swap.

S1 E7

It's a family affair this time as young couple Jess and JP agree to swap keys with Jess's parents.

S1 E8

Young parents Jess and JP are hoping to build a bigger home... and Jess' loving parents want to help out.

S1 E9

Nick and Stephen want to give their dad's home a makeover to say thank you.

S1 E10

Brothers Steve and Nick work towards giving their dad a fresh and updated space.

S1 E11

Bronson and Donna's new home needs a lot of work before they can move in.

S1 E12

Bronson is worried that Cass and her husband Keven won't like the bathroom tiles.