S2 E1 ∙ Maya Jama ∙

Big Zuu is back on the road and this time he's heading West to Bristol, the hometown of TV presenter and social media queen Maya Jama.


Contains Mature Themes

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S2 E3 · Harry Redknapp

Zuu cooks for a legend from the world of football - and king of the jungle - Harry Redknapp.

S2 E4 · Judi Love

Judi Love has asked Zuu to prepare her a slap-up meal for after her appearance on Loose Women.

S2 E5 · Jacob Anderson

Jacob Anderson asks Zuu to cook for him while he performs at London's Indigo at the O2 venue.

S2 E8 · Mel Giedroyc

Big Zuu returns to his West London roots to meet with comedian and presenter Mel Giedroyc.