S6 E4 ∙ Charleston ∙

Bourdain heads to Charleston, where he samples Gullah cuisine and is joined by local resident Bill Murray for oyster pie and shrimp and grits at chef Sean Brock's restaurant.


Contains Mature Themes

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S6 E1 · Ethiopia

Bourdain samples injera bread and beyaynetu platters in Addis Adaba.

S6 E2 · Okinawa

Bourdain's tour of Okinawa includes a bloodless bullfight over a bowl of Yakisoba.

S6 E3 · Cuba

Bourdain explores Cuba and samples pig's head soup with plantains and pumpkin.

S6 E4 · Charleston

Bourdain is joined by actor Bill Murray for oyster pie and shrimp and grits.

S6 E5 · Marseille

Bourdain visits Marseille and samples bouillabaisse, pied et paquets and Algerian couscous.

S6 E6 · Borneo

Bourdain takes a boat ride to Kuching for the Gawai Rice festival.

S6 E7 · Istanbul

After a Turkish breakfast, Bourdain lunches at an Armenian restaurant by the Golden Horn.

S6 E8 · Bay Area

Bourdain meets a Brazilian jiu-jitsu trainer and has dinner at the original Trader Vic's.