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Reality series following the work of Yorkshire Hazardous Area Response Team. The team try to seal a major chemical spill and help a teenager who fell down a chimney.


Contains Flashing Images, Strong Language and Mature Themes

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S1 E1

Paramedic team leader Rochers fights to save a DIY mechanic crushed by his own car.

S1 E2

The team join the battle to seal a major chemical spill.

S1 E3

The team race to save a man who has been shot outside a mosque.

S1 E4

The medics are called to support a bomb squad, and help a teenager impaled on a gate.

S1 E6

A police chase ends with a spectacular crash and five trapped teens in the wreckage.

S1 E8

This episode features a stand-off involving a man with a samurai sword in South Yorkshire.

S1 E9

HART must treat one of their own after a freak accident involving an out-of-control 4x4.

S1 E10

The team are called into action when an explosion demolishes a block of flats.