Ways to watch


Streaming Devices

Media players and streaming sticks offer a fast, easy and affordable way to watch UKTV Play on your TV. Just plug in and download the UKTV Play app to start streaming.

  • Apple TV

    The UKTV Play app is available on 4th generation and later Apple TV boxes. Simply download it from the App Store to start streaming.

  • Roku

    The UKTV Play app is available on all Roku streaming players. Simply search for UKTV Play from the home screen, download the app and start streaming.

  • Now

    You'll find the UKTV Play app on all new Now boxes. If you can’t see it on the list, go to Channels Store to add it.

    If you have an Entertainment Pass, you can also catch up and find box sets from Gold.

    Please note that UKTV Play isn't available on early Now boxes (the white ones).

  • Amazon FireTV

    The UKTV Play app is available to download on all Fire TV boxes and sticks. Go to the app store and search for UKTV Play to get started.

  • Chromecast

    Using the UKTV Play app on your Android or iOS device, choose the show you'd like to watch, then tap the cast button to play it on your TV.

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