S4 E4 ∙ Ronnie O'Sullivan ∙

What's faster: a Ford Ka or a pigeon? James May provides the answer as Jezza tries to drive from London to Edinburgh and back in an Audi A8 on just one tank of fuel.

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S4 E1 · Fay Ripley

The trio race from London to Monte Carlo and Fay Ripley joins the show as a special guest.

S4 E2 · Paul McKenna

With the Cadillac Escalade, an Alfa Romeo 166, and Paul McKenna as the Star In A Reasonably Priced Car.

S4 E3 · Jordan

Jeremy reports on the Porsche GT3 RS and model and singer Jordan takes to the track.

S4 E6 · Terry Wogan

Jeremy reviews the Nissan Cube and Renault Clio 182, and Richard road tests the Cadillac CTS.

S4 E7 · Lionel Richie

Jeremy tests the Spyker C8 Spyder while Richard and James try their hand at minicabbing.

S4 E8 · Martin Clunes

Jeremy tests the Ford GT, Richard bids farewell to the Rover V8, and the special guest is Martin Clunes.

S4 E10 · Patrick Kielty

Jeremy tries out BMW's X3, Richard tests the Corvette C6, and Patrick Kielty is the special guest.