S1 E6 ∙

Lizard Lick's burly repo man turns international car dealer! The wife of darts ace Peter 'Snakebite' Wright wants a rare Cobra for his birthday. Sonny removes the graffiti.

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S1 E1

Ron Shirley heads to the UK to buy a vintage Bentley for an American client.

S1 E2

After a scuffle with a mechanic called Suicide, Ron decides to recruit him.

S1 E3

Having taken Suicide on as the new mechanic, the team are on the hunt for new premises.

S1 E4

It's the big grand opening day and Amy calls in a favour.

S1 E5

Harriet invites Ronnie and the gang to an uphill vintage car race.

S1 E6

Ronnie is pleased when gang member Sonny cleans the graffiti from the garage door.

S1 E7

Ronnie has his eye on buying a Ferrari, but has to turn to a moneylender to buy it.

S1 E8

With Ronnie in trouble after the Ferrari is stolen, Amy decides to fly over to help.

S1 E9

Ronnie is determined to stop Amy fighting for Moose and gets a lead on the stolen Ferrari.

S1 E10

Ronnie is jubilant that he found the Ferrari, but Moose refuses to call off the fight.